Cuba United Methodist Church
"Goings-on" Pictures



The following 11 pictures of some of the church activities
are supplied by Judy Zayac.
Thanks Judy!

Grandma & Eve


Grandpa & Eve




Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


13 ladies and Rev. Bob Beard enjoyed a great meal
and an evening of conversation
at the 2012 UMW Night Out on June 19
at the Turfside Restaurant.




Donna Lawton Retires
Thanks Donna





Older Pictures

Thanks to the Trustees, the Pastor and Secretary both received new Dell computers! A welcomed replacement to the 5 plus year old ones they had!





Thanks to Fred Pearce, we now have windows in all our classroom doors, including the nursery, meeting rooms, and all Sunday School rooms! This is such a wonderful change! And the parents of the little ones really enjoy being able to peek in without disrupting! Thanks Fred!





Ever heard of anyone speaking of the "Glory Hole?" It's an old stairwell that is now used for storage of the two yearly rummage sale the UMW does. The name came from Helen Campbell, who, upon seeing the stairwell full of goodies for the first time, exclaimed "Glory Be!".





Cross and Flame that Judy Zayac did




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